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Monday, 28 September 2009

Sleepy Blues (Misbelieving Baby)*

Hhm. WWFC have started the season with less a virile bang and more a half-hearted hip-shuffle under the duvet before giving up and going to sleep. We have lost lots, drawn a bit and have total wins of UNO. My hope for May, which a month ago was probably to merrily leap-frog the play-offs and go zooming up to Championship-dom is already that we'll just cling onto position 20 and just miss certain death via alligators and clouds of arrows. Well, relegation to League Two, anyway...

Match of the Day(s) (I mostly watched the cheeky MOTD2) prizes this week go to:

Most Baffling Player of the Day: Burnley's keeper, Brian Jensen, who just stood and watched every time Spurs popped one past him. He looked like a fat dad who'd been dragged on as all other goalies ON EARTH had DIED.
Lookeylikey of the Day: David Moyes' wide-spaced eyes, broad pale forehead and lack of eyebrows? It's ET, I tell you!!!
Quote of the Day: 'They almost have a smell about them' - Lee Dixon on old-fashioned grounds like Burnley's; what, of chip fat and Lynx?
Away kit of the day: Everton's black-with-filigree-pink detail. Looks quite H'n'M.
Most Aesthetically Pleasing Player of the Day: Bolton's Matt Taylor, in a nicely scrubbed, Topman kind of way.
Moniker of the Day That Andy Desperately Wishes He Had: Titus Bramble, sounding like a villain in a Beatrix Potter story.
Goal of the Day: Steven Gerrard's barnstormer, like a 'Raging Bull'-esque left hook on the already-bleeding cheekbone of poor crappy Hull.

SHIRTWATCH: Burnley's rather sweet Clarke Carlisle, looking and sounding like a superhero's polite alter-ego, sported a no-risk charcoal number for his debut on the MOTD2 sofa.

* Have decided that if I mention Wycombe, the blog title will be an appropriately-titled blues choon. This one's by John Lee Hooker.

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