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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

The Goal-den Section

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this may not be the league of high earnings a la Rooney* but at the moment, it is the League of Plenty in the goal-scoring stakes. I admit I've been off the ball on the footballing front but that's not to say I haven't been around for the final scores, and my jaw darned dropped to the ground on seeing a recent score of Accrington Stanley 7 Gillingham 4, on the same day there was also a 5-5 draw between Chesterfield and Crewe. When do you ever see those scores in the Premiership? Whilst not matching that impressive level of goalmouth flurry, keeping up appearances on Saturday was Wycombe with a bouncy 4-3 defeat of Rotherham. WWFC seem to have a rudely healthy glow about them at the moment; I note with happiness that Peter Jackson lauded us team of the week in his Football League Blog, though see with some confusion that our proud unbeaten away record so far this season proves the team 'has metal'. What, steel pins in the legs? That would explain a few things, frankly. I also slightly miffed at his assertion that Wycombe have 'always been regarded as a footballing side'; I was under the impression that I'd been supporting Buckinghamshire's best-regarded bog-snorkelling champions for the last 18 years.

*I chatted to Dad and Richie, chief armchair experts, on the sour-toned exploits of Wayne Rooney last week. No-one in my family is impressed by the adulterous potato-head's rabidly slavering thirst for money, particularly in a climate where most of his team's fans are examining their savings and worrying about the grey economic future. Sir Alex really should have remembered that Manchester United are bigger than one man, even Rooney (especially when there's that lovely Little Pea gambolling around) and thrown him to the Chelsea/Man City dogs. Boo hiss!