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Saturday, 7 August 2010

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea...

Hurrah! Wycombe have started as I'm SURE they mean to go on in this deep underwater League where players loom out of the darkness gnashing their impossibly fearsome teeth and flailing their luminous mutant fins, with a solid two-nil-er against Morecambe. The scorer of our second goal, the oft-fairweather Jon-Paul Pittman was the hat-trick hero of our drubbing of Chelsea in a friendly last week, prompting this from Mum's man Barry:

Kerry: Wycombe played Chelsea this week and beat them 5-1.
Barry: (spitting out his tea) What, Chelsea Pensioners?

My brothers, husband and I have welcomed the new season in up at our Ma's with cups of tea, Final Score and Leeds vs Derby. Contented sighs all round. The bros, both fervently addicted to the footer, are optimistic about their seasons. Daniel* says Wycombe are one of the favourites to go straight back up; Richie** has conservative hopes for '4th or 5th place' and 'maybe a cup' for Liverpool. Talk this afternoon has been of the new rules about homegrown players in the Prem (good), Lee Dixon (good), the return of The Football League Show (very, very bad). Ah, all is right with the world...

Daniel: little bro, 25, likes 'cider and Peter Sellers'
Place of birth: High Wycombe
Team supported: Wycombe Wanderers
First football match ever seen live: 'WWFC vs Runcorn in the FA Trophy Final at Wembley, 4-1'.

Richie: big bro, 34, lives in Brixton, into 'pancakes for breakfast and the love of a good woman'
Place of birth: High Wycombe
Team supported: Liverpool
First football match ever seen live: A game at Loakes Park!