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Monday, 26 July 2010

A New Starlet Is Born!

Catching some BBC sports report the other day, it was great to see the England Under-19s do rather better in the Fisher Price My First European Championships than our so-called Internationals, walking hangovers that they were. And who should pop up as a sub to score the goal to send the boys into the semis but Matt Phillips, a young WWFC player? He's a local boy and by far the lowest-ranked of the squad. Bless. I expect it won't be long before cashwad-totin' Big Guns come calling; surely we can't keep hold of a leggy, nippy England starlet for long can we?
I hope Matt's career has more glamorous longevity than my hero of yore, Keith 'Keithy' Ryan (I never called him Rhino; how could you term the then-blond-bombshelled one after a lumbering knobble-skinned pachyderm? Or so I thought then in my teenage rose-tints, erk), who, it announces with rather odd trumpeting on Wycombe's website, is developing a carpet and flooring business. Erm, congrats?

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